A clinical research interface geared at collecting robust and consistent data by providing a strong framework for designing data dictionaries and collection forms. Slice also provides exports of the data and the data dictionaries created as well as providing a simple reporting interface. Using Rails 3.2+ and Ruby 1.9.3+.

100 - I don't remember my login or password, what now?
200 - How do I add a collaborator to my project?
300 - What is a design?
301 - How do I create a new design?
302 - How do I add a variable/question to an existing design?
303 - Why aren't my variables showing up correctly in my design email templates?
304 - How do I show the variable name instead of the actual variable itself in an email template?
305 - How do I hide certain variables on my design depending on the answer to previous questions?
306 - How do I reorder my variables and sections on a design?

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